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TM9-2815-202-34 NOTES:  To reduce 24  V dc to 18 V dc. 1. Cut a piece of 12-gage wire 6 inches long. 2. Cut a piece of 12-gage wire 12 inches long. 3. Cut a piece of 1-inch diameter rubber hose 7 inches long. 4. Attach a test clip  to one end of 6 and 12 inch long 12  gage  wire. 5. Drill a hole through  end of two No. 2  K plugs in order to insert 12-gage wire through. 6. Insert one  lead through hole in plug and connect to 50-watt resistor. Insert in  rubber hose and attach other lead to resistor. FIGURE  D-1  .  TEST  LEAD  (P/N  12384626) D-2


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