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TM9-2815-202-34 APPENDIX   F MANDATORY   REPLACEMENT   PARTS   LIST F-1.   SCOPE Section   i. INTRODUCTION This appendix is a cross-reference of item numbers to part numbers and is included for that purpose only. F-2.   EXPLANATION   OF   COLUMNS a. Column 1-- Item Number. This number is assigned to the entry in the listing and is referenced in the Initial Setup to identify the item (e.g., “Cotter pin (App F, Item 7)”). b. Column 2-- Description. This column identifies parts which appear in the Initial Setup of the procedure  under  the  heading  “Mandatory  Replacement  Parts.” c. Column 3 -- Part Number. This column indicates the primary part number used by the manufacturer  (individual,  company,  firm,  corporation,  or  government  activity),  which  controls  the design  and  characteristics  of  the  item  by  means  of  engineering  drawings,  specifications, standards,  and  inspection  requirements  to  identify  an  item  or  range  of  items.  The  part  number  will be  followed  by  the  Contractor  and  Government  Entity  Code  (CAGE)  in  parentheses  only  when  the CAGE is required to requisition the part. NOTE When using the National Stock Number (NSN) to requisition a part, the part you get may have a different part number from the number ordered, but go ahead and use or furnish it as the supply part. d. Column 4-- National Stock Number. This column indicates the NSN assigned to the item; use it to request or requisition the item. F-1


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