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TM   9-2815-202-34 3-3.  ENGINE   FROM/TO (7) l l l (8) (9) (10) 3-10 NOTE CONTAINER    -   12268285   (Cont) Use the three-legged sling to lift engine models 7083-7395. Use four-legged sling to lift engine  models  7083-7391 and  7083-7396. Remove  engine  from  container  (20), using a multi-leg sling (21). NOTE Always  install  upper  section  of the container on the bottom section  and  seal  container  with bolts, washers, and nuts after the engine  has  been  removed.  This action  is  necessary  to  avoid weather  damage  to  interior  of container. Only model 7083-7395 requires removal of fuel strainer in order to remove  front  U-shaped  bracket. After  removing  four  bolts  and Iockwashers  to  four  U-shaped brackets,  install  four  bolts (1/2-13x4)  and  four  Iockwashers, located  in  mailbag,  in  front engine  cover.  Place  removed bolts  (1/2-13x3-3/4)  in  mailbag. Discard  used  Iockwashers. Remove  bolt  (22)  securing  fuel strainer  shell  assembly  (23)  from adapter  (24).  Remove  shell  assembly. With  engine  supported  by  sling, remove four bolts (25), four flat washers  (26),  and  four  Iockwashers (27)  securing  U-shaped  bracket  (12) to front of engine. Discard Iockwashers. Remove two bolts (28 and 29), six flat washers  (30),  four  Iockwashers  (31), and  two  nuts  (32)  securing  rear mounting  bracket  (18)  to  flywheel housing.  Discard  lockwashers. Change 1


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