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TM9-2815-202-34 APPENDIX   G ENGINE   REPAIR   SPECIFICATIONS Section  I. INTRODUCTION G-1.  SCOPE This  appendix  lists  the  repair  specifications  for  the  8V71T  series  engines. G-2.  EXPLANATION  OF  COLUMNS a. Column 1  -- Point of Measurement.  This column lists the area of the engine (e.g., “Cylinder Block), then lists the specific component (e.g.,  “Main Bearing Bore”), and finally describes the critical dimension  (e.g.,  “Inside  diameter”). b. Column 2 --  New Minimum.  This column lists the minimum acceptable dimension of the new part. All  dimensions  are  in  inches  unless  stated  differently. c. Column  3 --  New Maximum.  This column lists the maximum acceptable dimension of the new part.  All  dimensions  are  in  inches  unless  stated  differently. d. Column 4 -- Wear Limit.  This  column  lists  the  maximum  acceptable  deviation  for  the  used part. All dimensions are in inches  unless  stated  differently.  An  asterisk  (*)  in  this  column  indicates  the part must keep the same minimum and maximum limit as the new part. Section  Il. ENGINE REPAIR SPECIFICATIONS NEW NEW WEAR POINT  OF  MEASUREMENT MINIMUM MAXIMUM LIMIT (inches) (inches) (inches) CYLINDER  BLOCK Cylinder Sleeve Bore Inside diameter of bore 4.6256 4.6275 4.6275 Oversize  (0.010) 4.6360 4.6370 4.6375 Oversize  (0.020) 4.6460 4.6470 4.6475 Oversize  (0.030) 4.6560 4.6570 4.6575 Sleeve bore out-of-round 0.0010 0.0020 Taper of sleeve bore 0.0010 0.0020 Cylinder Sleeve Counterbore Inside  diameter  of  counterbore 5.0460 5.0510 * Depth  of  counterbore 0.4770 0.4795 * Main  Bearing  Bore Inside  diameter  of  bearing  bore 4.8120 4.8130 * Camshaft  Bearing  Bore Inside  diameter  of  bearing  bore 2.1875 2.1889 * G-1


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