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T M 9 - 2 8 1 5 - 2 0 2 - 34 GLOSSARY Section  I.  ABBREVIATIONS AOAP ATTN BHP CCLW CLW Cont cm cu DA V dc DF DS EIR FOV ft gpm GS Hg kg kPa lb Ib-ft lb-in min mm N-m NSN PAM Para psi qt REV rpm SAE Army Oil Analysis Program attention brake   horsepower counterclockwise clockwise continued centimeter cubic Department of the Army volts direct current diesel  fuel Direct  Support Equipment   Improvement   Recommendation Family of Vehicles foot,  feet gallons  per  minute General   Support mercury kilogram kilopascal pound pound-foot pound-inch minute millimeter newton-meter National  Stock  Number Pamphlet Paragraph pounds  per  square  inch quart revolution revolutions  per  minute Society  of  Automotive  Engineers Glossary-1


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