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TM9-2815-202-34 Section   H.   UNUSUAL   TERMS air  box brinelling concentricity chamfer counterbore cross-head  piston detent dynamometer endplay ferrous fillister  head hone lap matchmark multimeter NO-GO gage no-load  speed nonferrous peen preload run-in runout scored spline trunk type piston turbocharger a chamber in the cylinder block containing  cylinder  inlet  ports hardening  of  metal  causing  brittleness  from  fatigue roundness  of  inner  surface a beveled or grooved edge a recessed surface around a bore a two-piece piston with a crown and skirt a spring loaded device for positioning a part a  mechanical  device  to  measure  engine  power axial  movement contains  iron slotted  cylindrical  screw  head  with  a  convex  top sharpen,  enlarge,  and  smooth  out smooth  and  polish to mark two mating surfaces to reassemble in the position multiple  purpose  electrical  meter a  thickness  gage  designed  for  piston  ring  grooves the  maximum  speed  the  governor  allows the  engine  without  any  load has no iron content to  misshapen  from  pounding the internal bearing load engine  break-in  period length of variation of an axially turning surface grooved,  scratched,  or  notched a set of teeth on a shaft or bore for coupling a  one-piece  piston an air compressor driven by  an  exhaust  gas  turbine woodruff  key a standard key used in mating grooves and  shaft Section   III.   NOMENCLATURE   CROSS-REFERENCE air box cover bearing shell bolt brass  wire  buffing  wheel cylinder  liner dipstick engine  rocker  arm  cover engine  coolant fiber  coupling feeler  gage gasket seal  sleeve access  cover bearing  sleeve hexagon  head  cap  screw wire rotory brush cylinder  sleeve liquid  level  gage  (oil) engine  poppet  cover antifreeze,  ethylene  glycol  mixture flexible  insert thickness  gage ring  spacer  (injector) seal  spacer  (blower  rotor  shaft) of a gear Glossary-2


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