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TM  9-2815-202-34 (8) NOTE For models 7083-7396 and 7083-7399, engine crankshaft damper is secured inside shipping container. If engine is to be made operational, install damper (Refer to Para 5-27). In cases where engine has been returned  for  overhaul,  forward  all engine  parts  previously  removed and stored in container to proper reconditioning   area. Use the three-legged sling to lift engine  models  7083-7395  and 7083-7398. Use the four-legged sling to lift engine  models  7083-7396  and 7083-7399. Remove  engine  from  container  using a multi-leg sling (29). NOTE Always install upper section of the container on the bottom section and seal container with bolts, washers, and nuts after the engine has been removed. This action is necessary to avoid  weather  damage  to  interior  of container. (9) (10) With engine supported by sling, remove three bolts (30), three flat washers (31 ), and three Iockwashers (32). Loosen bolt (30) at position (A) and  remove  U-shaped  bracket  (13), from front of engine. Discard Iockwashers. Remove six bolts (33), two bolts (34), ten flat washers (35), eight Iockwashers (36), and two nuts (37) securing  rear  mounting  bracket  (20) to  flywheel  housing.  Discard Iockwashers. Change   1   3-19


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