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TM   9-2815-202-34 3-4.   ENGINE   FROM/TO   CONTAINER   -   10909159/09231080*   (Cont) (f) (9) (h) (i) (j) (k) (1) (m) (n) (o) (P) (q) Reinstall rocker arm covers (48). Install two bolts (45), two flat washers  (46),  and  two  rubber isolators (47). Torque to 15-20 Ib-ft (20-27 N-m), Repeat  steps  (a),  (d),  (e),  (f),  and (g) for right rocker arm cover. Install hose (43) and clamp (42) on  rocker  arm  cover  breather inlets (44). Tighten clamp. For  model  7083-7396,  position air outlet tube (50) between turbocharger  and  air  inlet.  Slide hoses (51 ) and clamps (49) onto turbocharger  and  air  inlet. Tighten  clamps. For  model  7083-7399,  install  air inlet housing (54), three bolts (55 and 56), six Iockwashers (57) and six flat washers (58). Torque bolts (55 and 56) to 16-20 Ib-ft (22-27 N-m). Slide hose (59) onto turbocharger  and  tighten  clamps (53). Connect line (52) from turbocharger  waste  gate  valve (61 ) to air inlet housing (54). Install oil filler cap or tape opening. Tape  air  inlet  and  exhaust openings  closed. Fill the crankcase with oil to a point  approximately  15  inches below the top of the oil gage rod tube, (used oil can be used for this  purpose). Manually  turn  engine  over  at least  one  complete  revolution. Remove oil drain plug and drain oil. Reinstall oil drain plug. 3-22


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