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TM    9-2815-202-34 (r) Install oil gage rod (if missing, tape the tube opening closed). (s) Apply a light coat of grease to front and rear exposed portions of the crankshaft and any other  exposed  machined  surface. c.   Installation NOTE Do not forward an unserviceable engine missing components or down  parts. .For models 7083-7396 and 7083-7399, if installed, crankshaft damper  must  be  removed  from engine and secured in container prior  to  engine  installation  in container (Refer to Para 5-27 for damper removal). Crankshaft damper  must  be  protected  and secured  in  container  during shipment. (1) Attach U-shaped bracket (13), to front of  engine  using  four  existing  (on engine)  bolts  (30),  four  flat  washers (31),  and  four  Iockwashers  (32). NOTE Allow brackets to fit loosely so adjustment  is  possible. (2)   Attach  rear  mounting  bracket  (20), (with the 2 inch radius cutout on starter  side  of  engine)  to  flywheel  end using six bolts (33), two bolts (34), ten flat  washers  (35),  eight  Iockwashers (36), and two nuts (37). (3) On models 7083-7396 and 7083- 7399 only, secure bracket (41 ) to turbocharger  side of engine with two bolts (38), two flat washers (40), and two  Iockvvashers  (39). C h a n g e     1 3-23


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