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TM    9-2815-202-34 (9) Torque all bolts and nuts on brackets to  engine  and  container  rail. NOTE Container 10909159 requires 80 units  of  desiccant,  and  container 10923108  requires  112  units. (10) Fill desiccant basket, mounted on wall of  container,  with  desiccant. CAUTION Insure seal is properly seated in track  on  lower  container  flange. (11) If removed, install seal (7) in track on container bottom. (12) Apply sealant to container seal (7), and  position  container  seal  on container  flange. (13) Assemble top section of container (6) to bottom section of container (62) by matching  alinement  dowel  on  bottom section  flange  with  mating  hole  on  top section. NOTE l For  container  10923108,  flat washers  are  used  in  place  of Iockwashers  to  secure  upper  and lower  sections  of  container. l For container 10909159, torque container bolts to 40-50 Ib-ft (56-70  N-m). l For  container  10923108,  torque container  bolts  to  88-105  Ib-ft (123-147  N-m). (14)  Install  forty-six  bolts  (2),  forty-six Iockwashers (3) and forty-six nuts (4), Torque bolts. (15) Pressurize the container to 5 psi (34 kPa)  of  dehydrated  air  and  allow container to stand for a minimum of twelve  hours,  then  check  and  verify that  air  pressure  is  maintained. 3 - 25


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