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TM    9-2815-202-34 3-10.  TURBOCHARGER  OIL  RETURN  LINE  REMOVAL/lNSTALLATION (MODELS  7083-7391,7083-7396,  AND  7083-7399) This  task  covers: a.   Removal b.   Installation INITIAL   SETUP MODELS TOOLS  AND  SPECIAL  TOOLS 17083-7391 7083-7396 7083-7399 General mechanics tool kit (App B, item 96) a.   Removal (1)  Loosen  two  clamps  (1)  located  at each end of turbocharger oil return line (2). (2)  Remove  oil  return  line  (2). b.   Installation (1)  Install  one  end  of  turbocharger  oil return line (2) over elbow (3) at oil pan connection. Install other end of oil return line over oil outlet tube (4) at turbocharger. (2)  Install  two  clamps  (1)  onto  oil  return line  (2)  and  tighten  clamps. END  OF  TASK Change  1 3-35


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