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TM   9-2815-202-34 3-11.   TURBOCHARGER   OIL   SUPPLY,   LINE   REMOVAL/lNSTALLATION (MODELS   7083-7395   AND   7083-7398) This  task  covers: a.  Removal b. Installation INITIAL    SETUP MODELS TOOLS AND SPECIAL TOOLS 7083-7395 7083-7398 General   mechanics  tool  kit  (App  B,  Item  96) a.   Removal (1) Disconnect turbocharger oil supply line (1) at turbocharger connector (2) and at elbow connector (3) on left rear of engine block. NOTE Model  7083-7398  does  not  have  clips  securing  turbocharger  oil  supply  line. (2)  Remove  two  bolts  (4)  and  two  Iockwashers  (5)  securing  oil  supply  line  clips  (6)  to  engine. Reinstall two bolts and two Iockwashers that secure clips. (3) Remove turbocharger oil supply line (1) with clips attached. b.   Installation NOTE On model 7083-7395, the end of the oil supply with the 90 degree fitting is  connected  at  the  turbocharger. (1) (2) (3) Connect  turbocharger  oil  supply  line (1) to turbocharger connector (2) and engine  block  connector  (3). Secure  oil  supply  line  (1)  to  engine using two bolts (4) and two Iockwashers (5) to fasten clips (6). Tighten oil supply line (1) pipe fittings at connectors (2 and 3). END   OF   TASK 3-36


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