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6. Lubrication System
The lubrication system has five functions, it:
Reduces friction between moving parts.
Absorbs and dissipates heat.
Seals piston rings to cylinder walls.
Cleans and flushes parts.
Helps reduce operating noises of the engine.
The engine oil pump produces pressurized oil that is forced through the engine oil coolers and
oil filters to the engine oil galleries, bearings, turbosuperchargers, fuel injection metering
pump and to the piston oil sprayer nozzles. These sprayer nozzles are located in the crankcase
below each cylinder and provide a continuous oil spray to the pistons and cylinder walls. A
pressure regulator valve, located on the right side of the crankshaft damper and oil filter
housing, is influenced by the pressure in the main bearing oil gallery and returns the incoming
excess unfiltered oil to the oil pan. Oil level is maintained by the leveling section of the oil
pump allowing operation under all conditions such as cold oil and slope operation.
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