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TM 9-2815-220-24
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The generator changes the mechanical energy of the diesel engine into electrical energy.
There are two different generators used on the AVDS-1790-2 Series engine. Both are
28-volt dc generators, one is rated at 300 amperes and the other is rated at 650 amperes.
All Model 2CA engines are equipped with the 650-ampere model.
All Model 2DR engines are equipped with the 300-ampere model.
All Model 2DA engines are equipped with the 300-ampere model in their original
configuration. However, some models, when used on the Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge
(AVLB), have been upgraded to the 650-ampere generator.
The 650-ampere generator is an oil-cooled,
brushless, direct-current type (the generator
generates an alternating current which is
rectified within the unit to produce a direct
current). The generator uses filtered oil from
the engine main gallery line for cooling. Oil
circulation is provided by a pump integral
within the generator and equipped with an
appropriate by-pass valve to limit oil
pressure and flow. The generator is
completely enclosed and waterproofed and
will function equally well in or out of water.
Air Out
The 300-ampere generator is an air-cooled,
six-pole, six-brush, direct-current type. It is
equipped with radio noise suppression
capacitors for protection of nearby
communications equipment. A blower motor
mounted on the generator draws cooling air
from the crew compartment through the air
intake tube. This tube extends along the
crankcase below the intake manifold on the
right side of the engine. The generator
cooling air exhaust tube is connected to the
engine cooling shroud and exits through the
rear cooling fan vane. A fording valve is
available to render the generator air system
water tight for deep water fording. A vehicle
mounted voltage regulator controls generator
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