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TM 9-2815-220-24
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The starter cranks the engine by converting
electrical energy to mechanical energy.
The starter is a heavy-duty, 24-volt,
insulated, waterproof, fungus and corrosion
resistant, solenoid-operated, enclosed shift-
lever-type engine starter with 12 brush
holders. The drive clutch is a heavy-duty
overrunning type and the pinion clearance is
By compressing air to a density approximately two times atmospheric pressure, the
turbosupercharger enables the AVDS-1790 engine to increase its power and efficiency without
increasing its size or weight. The increased fuel economy also gives the vehicle a greater
Exhaust gases from the engine cylinder
combustion chamber drive the turbine wheel
that is coupled to the compressor wheel on a
common shaft in the turbosupercharger. As
the exhaust gases turn the turbine and
compressor wheels, ambient air enters into
the center of the compressor wheel and flows
radially outward. It increases in pressure and
density while it is ducted into the engine
intake manifold.
Since the exhaust gases drive the turbine
wheel, there is always a direct relationship
between the power of the engine and the
amount of air being delivered to the
cylinders. The engine is supplied with all the
air it needs to go faster because the increased
exhaust gases drive the turbine and
compressor faster. Conversely, as the engine
goes slower, so does the compressor wheel.
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