Quantcast MALFUNCTION 3: Accelerator and throttle linkage deficiencies.

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TM 9-2815-220-24
0020 00
Accelerator and throttle linkage deficiencies.
a. Insufficient throttle travel.
(1) Place 3/4-inch wide piece of writing paper
over end of high idle adjusting screw and
depress accelerator pedal fully. If control
lever stop contacts adjusting screw and
holds paper tightly, full throttle travel exists.
Repeat this after each step in this
Malfunction 3.
(1) Inspect, repair, and adjust (refer to pertinent
b. Vehicle accelerator linkage loose, worn,
vehicle technical manual).
binding, disconnected, improperly adjusted,
or pedal return spring malfunction.
(1) Inspect, repair or replace as necessary
c. Engine throttle linkages loose, worn,
(WP 0122, Throttle Control and Manual
binding, improperly adjusted or
Fuel Shutoff Replace/Repair). (WP 0123
for 2DR)
d. Engine throttle cross-shaft idle or full-
(1) Adjust to proper stop clearances (WP 0043,
throttle positions improperly adjusted.
Throttle Adjustments).
e. Engine throttle cross-shaft shock spring
(1) Inspect for broken spring and replace
defective (broken spring allows free
(WP 0122, Throttle Control and Manual
movement between tangs and lever pins).
Fuel Shutoff Replace/Repair. (WP 0123 for
(2) Check free movement. Replace spring if
clearance is greater than 0.010 inch.
f. Improper low idle adjustment (engine cross-
(1) Adjust low idle screw to proper engine
shaft idle screw).
speed (675-725 rpm). Turn clockwise to
increase and counter clockwise to decrease
speed (WP 0040, Engine Operating
(2) If speed below 725 rpm cannot be obtained
with adjustment above, proceed to
Malfunction 6 in this work package.
(1) Adjust speed control solenoid screw
g. Engine will not maintain 1800 rpm speed
(WP 0040, Engine Operating Parameters),
during winching operations (AVDS-1790-
or repair throttle control solenoid assembly
2DR only).
(WP 0122, Throttle Control and Manual
Fuel Shutoff Replace/Repair. (WP 0123 for
WP 0020 00-2


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