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TM 9-2815-220-24
0023 00
MALFUNCTION 1: (Continued)
Manifold heater inoperative.
Fuel flow indicates solenoid
With switch in "ON" position,
Solenoid Valve and Fuel
valve is operating properly
note fuel flow from tee opening
Filter: Disconnect one fuel
and fuel filters are
with each purge pump stroke.
tube from engine front
solenoid valve outlet,
operate purge pump and
press manifold heater
switch "ON" and "OFF".
No fuel or restricted flow
indicates manifold heater
filter or filters in solenoid
valve are restricted or
clogged. See appropriate
vehicle technical manual.
With switch in "OFF" position
If fuel flow stops, solenoid
note that fuel flow stops.
valve is closing properly.
If fuel flow continues,
solenoid valve is defective
(stuck open). Replace
With switch in "ON" position,
Fuel Nozzle Assembly:
Fine fuel spray pattern
nozzle should have fine conical
Disconnect lines and
indicates proper nozzle
fuel spray pattern.
remove nozzle assembly.
Reconnect lines to nozzle,
(position nozzle beside
No spray pattern, stream of
housing) and operate
fuel, dribble or no fuel
manifold heater system.
indicates defective nozzle or
plugged port filters in nozzle
assembly. See appropriate
vehicle technical manual.
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