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TM 9-2815-220-24
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To ensure safety of personnel, proper care should be exercised when handling the engine and
its subassemblies and parts. Many subassemblies are heavy. Assistance of another person,
lifting device, or other support equipment is needed to manipulate them. Personnel should not
try to handle heavy parts by hand. Ensure that all lifting devices are in good working order.
Maintenance of the engine requires removal and installation of many large retaining rings that
are spring loaded. Two approved methods for handling retaining rings safely are as follows:
Safety glasses (goggles) must be worn to protect the eyes in either case.
a. Place a wiping rag around retaining ring and hold in place with one hand. Release
retaining ring with approved retaining ring pliers.
b. Place a small hammer handle on the shaft or in the bore of the hardware you're working
on. Hold hammer in place with one hand and release retaining ring using approved
retaining ring pliers.
Two warnings are frequently used in this work package, cleaning compound solvent and
compressed air. In the procedure, they will be presented in an abbreviated version. They are
presented here in full.
Cleaning compound solvent is mildly toxic. Solvent evaporates and
both the fumes and liquid are flammable. Continued contact with
solvent can cause skin problems.
Ensure there is good airflow when using solvent, and work area is
away from heat and flames.
Keep fire extinguisher nearby.
Do not breathe solvent fumes.
Avoid skin contact. See Warning in front of Manual.
Compressed air can injure you and others. Do not aim air at
personnel. Do not use more pressure than 30 psi (207 kPa). Always
wear goggles. See Warning in front of Manual.
Obtain the proper equipment before beginning disassembly. This equipment includes: a
suitable lifting device (the engine and transmission together weigh approximately 10,000
pounds), an engine maintenance stand, proper hand tools and special tools, receptacles for
small parts, a work table, wood blocks, oil-soluble grease, and wiping cloths.
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