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TM 9-2815-220-24
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INSPECTION (Continued)
Check all bearings for conformance to the applicable Repair Standards.
To inspect bearings removed from hardware, refer to TM 9-214, Inspection, Care, and
Maintenance of Antifriction Bearings.
To inspect bearings in-place, use the instructions that follow:
Ball and Roller Bearings (Non-Separable):
1. Remove the shaft or gear on which the bearing is mounted.
Cleaning Compound Solvent
2. Clean the mounted bearing with cleaning solvent (item 8, WP 0173).
a. Flood the bearing with solvent (item 8, WP 0173).
b. Use a sash or paint brush to clean.
c. Do not use compressed air.
3. Reject the bearing for the following defects:
Broken, cracked or split rings
Dented seals or shields
Cracked or broken separators
Loose separator pins
 Heat discoloration (brown-blue or blue-black color)
4. Rotate the free race slowly and feel for roughness.
a. If any defect is observed or felt, the bearing is to be removed with final inspection and
disposition per TM 9-214.
5. If the bearing exhibits no defects, lubricate bearing with engine oil (item 21, WP 0173).
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