Quantcast Oil Seals, Preformed Packings, and Re-useable Gaskets

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TM 9-2815-220-24
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INSPECTION (Continued)
Inserts: Helical-Coil and Threaded (Continued)
1. Inspect inserts for cracks and stripped or damaged threads.
2. Check inserts for loose fit.
3. Replace all helical-coil and threaded inserts that do not fit securely in the casting or when
casting threads have become galled or stripped.
Oil Passages
Inspect all oil passageways, internal jet plugs or outlet orifices for obstructions and dirt.
Oil Seals, Preformed Packings, and Re-useable Gaskets
1. Reject hook-type metallic seal rings for wear, distortion, cracks, and broken hooks. Ensure
that edges of hook ring are square.
2. Reject gaskets, composition-type seals, rings, and packings for wear, brittleness, cracks, cuts,
deformation, and deterioration.
3. Reject lip seals for cracks, wear, cuts, and brittleness. Reject springs and seal shells for
deformation and cracks.
4. Reject feather edge of oil seals (which contain rotating part) for damage: tears, fraying,
hardening, and cracking. Sealing edge must be soft and pliable.
Oil Transfer Tubes
Inspect for bent or damaged oil transfer tubes. Mark those found for replacement.
Painted Parts
The reconditioning of painted parts is a matter of good judgment. Parts that appear to be in
good condition after cleaning need not be stripped and repainted in their entirety, but should be
cleaned and designated for touch-up only.
1. Check parts for straightness. Mark parts that can be straightened for repair.
2. Check for broken welds, loose rivets or loose weld nuts. Mark those found for repair or
3. Check shroud seals for hardness, tears, or other damage. Mark damaged seals for replacement
if the part is otherwise serviceable.
1. Inspect plugs for leakage or damaged threads. Repair or replace as necessary.
2. Inspect plugs for damaged or extruded preformed packings caused by excessive torque when
tightening plugs. Replace preformed packings.
3. Inspect plug seats for scoring, pitting, or corrosion. Repair or replace as necessary.
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