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TM 9-2815-220-24
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INSPECTION (Continued)
Retaining Rings
Retaining rings are mandatory replacement parts.
Shafts and Spindles
Inspect shafts and spindles for excessive wear, binding, scoring, cracks, burrs, and obstructed
oil passages. Repair or replace as necessary.
Splined Parts
Inspect splined parts for burrs, wear, and twisted, cracked or broken splines. Repair or replace
as necessary.
1. Reject springs for wear, distortion, breaks, and discoloration (evidence of overheating).
2. Use indicator caliper to check spring length. Physical specifications are contained in the work
package relating to the specific part.
Reject all studs for damaged or stripped threads, bent or loose condition, or for any signs of
Thrust Washers and Shims
Reject thrust washers and shims for wear, distortion, scores, nicks, and burrs.
Standard repair instructions in this work package cover:
 Bushings, liners, and bushing-type bearings
 Dowel pins
 Gears and shafts
 Oil seals
 Oil transfer tubes
 Painted parts
 Preformed packings and gaskets
 Snap rings
 Splined parts
 Threaded parts
 Thrust washers and shims
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