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TM 9-2815-220-24
0028 00
REPAIR (Continued)
Gears and Shafts
1. Replace all cracked gears and shafts, and shafts that are bent or twisted.
2. Replace all gears and shafts that do not conform to tolerances specified in the repair standards
tables in the inspection section of the procedural work package.
3. Replace all gears and shafts having worn, galled, nicked, burred, or pitted teeth and splines.
4. Remove any sharp fins and burrs from splines with crocus cloth (item 9, WP 0173) dipped in
cleaning compound (item 8, WP 0173) or with a soft honing stone.
5. Replace all splined gears and shafts that are damaged to the point of impairing assembly or
6. Replace all gears and shafts having splines that do not match properly with mating splines.
For standard helical coil insert procedures see Work Package 0029.
For standard threaded insert procedures see Work Package 0030.
Oil Seals
Replace all oil seals at engine repair. During field repair, replace oil seal when thin feather
edge is damaged or when seal material is hard or brittle.
1. Press damaged oil seal from casting or adapter. Be careful not to damage bore.
Cleaning Compound Solvent
2. When oil seal bore in casting or adapter is burred or damaged to the point where an oil-tight
seal is impossible, repair or replace casting or adapter. Remove slight nicks, burrs, and
scratches with crocus cloth (item 9, WP 0173) dipped in cleaning solvent (item 8,
3. Install new oil seal in casting bore or adapter using suitable oil seal replacement tool.
Oil Transfer Tubes
1. Remove oil transfer tubes that are loose or damaged.
2. Install new oil transfer tube using sealing compound (item 31, WP 0173).
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