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DRAIN OIL (Continued)
3. Remove oil pan drain plug (1).
4. Drain oil into a suitable container
(approximately 25-gallon capacity).
a. As oil drains from drain plug opening, do
step 5.
Step 5 opens an internal passage
allowing oil to drain from the filter
housing and oil coolers out of the
oil pan drain plug opening.
5. Drain oil filter housing and oil coolers.
a. Remove oil vent cap screw (2) with flat
washer and seal washer (packing with
retainer). Discard seal washer.
b. Loosen oil drain valve (3) six complete
turns. Do not loosen oil drain valve
adapter (4).
c. If replacing oil filters, go to Work
Package 0073, Oil Filters Replacement.
6. After oil is drained from engine:
a. Reinstall oil vent cap screw (2) with flat
washer and new seal washer (item 153,
b. Turn drain valve (3) counterclockwise until tight (150 inch-pounds, 17 Nm).
c. Reinstall oil pan drain plug (1) and tighten to 1000-1050-inch pounds (113-119 Nm)
7. Using engine-lifting sling, lower engine to floor or suitable flat cart.
Proper oil level is crucial to engine life. If the engine has been rebuilt
and this is the initial oil fill, go to step 1 of Fill Oil. If the engine oil
level is in question, go to step 1 of Oil Level Check.
1. Initial Oil Fill.
a. With engine on a flat level surface, add 20 gallons lubricating engine oil (item 21,
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