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TM 9-2815-220-24
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TESTS (Continued)
2. Test automatic drain valve (13) operation (continued):
Do not allow upper and lower sensor probes to come in contact with
each other or with metal container. Do not touch probes. Failure to
comply may result in electrical shock, inaccurate test results, or
damage to equipment.
a. Hold tips of upper and lower sensor probes (14 and 15) in water.
b. Listen for solenoid drain valve (13) to click and fuel to drain from tube (18).
(1) If click is heard and fuel drains, go to step 3.
(2) If fuel fails to drain and click is heard, check solenoid drain valve (13) and lines for
obstructions "Fuel/Water Separator Replacement," WP 0084.
(3) If fuel fails to drain and click is not heard:
(a) Disconnect harness (25) from solenoid drain valve (13).
(b) Place positive lead of multimeter in socket A of harness (25) and negative lead to
ground. Hold sensor probes (14 and 15) in water in suitable container. Check for
voltage, and then remove sensor probes from water.
(c) If 24 V dc is present, replace solenoid drain valve (13) (WP 0084). If 24 V dc is
not present, replace fuel/water separator control box (20) (WP 0084).
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