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TM 9-2815-220-24
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TESTS (Continued)
3. Control unit test (continued):
d. Continue to hold the low-level probe (15) onto the negative terminal while again pressing
the high-level probe (14) to the negative terminal. The voltmeter should continue to
register zero volts.
e. Turn the power supply off for 1 second or longer. Turn the power supply on and the
voltmeter should again register 24 volts.
f. Remove the high probe (14) from the negative terminal and the meter should continue to
register 24 volts.
g. Remove the low probe (15) from the negative terminal in less than 15 seconds and the
meter should return to zero volts.
h. Once again press the low probe (15) and then the high probe (14) to the negative terminal
and the meter should return to 24 volts.
i. If control unit does not respond as outlined above, it is not functioning correctly and must
be replaced. Go to "Fuel/Water Separator Automatic Drain System Replacement",
Meter Negative Lead
Meter Positive Lead
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