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TM 9-2815-220-24
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BEFORE RUN-IN (Continued)
Do not attempt to start the engine unless step number 8 has been
successfully accomplished. Verify that the fuel shutoff is connected
and working. Injury to personnel could occur.
10. Crank engine several revolutions with the fuel shutoff in the OFF position to make certain the
engine is not hydrostatically locked and is otherwise free from obstruction.
11. Wash all fuel and oil from the engine.
Do not operate the starter motor continuously for more than
30 seconds. Damage to starter may occur. Allow a 2-minute cool-off
period between each 30-second cranking event.
1. Crank engine with the fuel shutoff in the OFF position until oil pressure gauge moves off
zero psi.
2. Allow engine to start with throttle lever in the idle position.
Engine oil pressure must reach a minimum of 15 psi within
20 seconds. Damage to engine will occur. Shut engine down if
pressure is not reached.
Do not run engine longer than 10 minutes at 675-725 rpm without
cooling fans installed. Damage to engine from overheating will occur.
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