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TM 9-2815-220-24
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RUN-IN (Continued)
6. Install cooling fan vanes (3).
a. Place vanes (3) into position.
b. Secure using eight screws (1) with new lock washers (2) (item 94, WP 0175).
7. Start engine and check that exhaust gas temperatures are within 100 F (38 C) of each other.
8. Check all items vital to safe engine operation, such as fuel lines, oil lines, oil pressure, throttle
control, mounting bolts, couplings, and thermocouple harness.
9. Adjust engine idle to 675-725 rpm by turning
Lock Nut
idle adjusting screw.
a. Loosen lock nut on idle adjusting screw
and turn screw clockwise to increase idle
speed, and counterclockwise to decrease
speed. Tighten lock nut.
Adjusting Screw
10. Allow engine to run for 15-20 minutes at
675-725 rpm.
a. Check for unusual noises in the engine
and generator that might indicate
malfunction or lack of lubrication.
WP 0044 00-8


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