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TM 9-2815-220-24
0053 00
INSPECTION (Continued)
2. Visually inspect cooling fans. Use a magnifying glass (item 73, WP 0176) and a strong light.
a. Look for cracks, nicks, and scratches.
(1) Any crack (especially in the area of a bolt hole) is sufficient cause for replacement of a
(2) Nicks and scratches require a judgement call: small scratches (1/32-inch deep by 1/16-
inch long) and nicks (1/32-inch deep by 1/4-inch long) are acceptable while large ones are
not. The following pictures are examples of acceptable and unacceptable nicks. The
dimes in the pictures are for size referencing. If in doubt replace the fan.
Unacceptable Nick
Acceptable Nick
b. Replace a cooling fan that has bent, broken or warped blades.
c. Replace a fan if bolt holes are elongated or show evidence of wear.
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