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TM 9-2815-220-24
SIGNAL WIRING HARNESS REPLACEMENT (2CA) (PN 12254376, 12354385) 0057 00
REMOVAL (Continued)
15. Remove harness to crankcase-mounted (near starter) low voltage protection module (LVPM).
The low voltage protection module mounted near the starter is not the
current configuration of the 2CA engine, and is not supported by the
repair parts manual. If your engine has the low voltage protection
module mounted near the starter, low voltage protection module kit,
12254381, should be installed to reposition the module to the top of
the engine.
a. Disconnect wiring connector (66) at low voltage protection module (65).
b. Remove nut (73), and lock washer (74), cut tie wraps (79) as necessary, and remove
LVPM lead (75). Reinstall nut (73) and lock washer (74) for later use.
c. Remove machine screw (76) with lock washer (77). Remove LVPM lead (78).
Reinstall screw and lock washer for safe keeping.
73, 74
76, 77
WP 0057 00-12


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