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TM 9-2815-220-24
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REPAIR (Continued)
2. Replace caged nuts (as required). Figure 1, items 9 & 32.
Figure 1, items10 & 27.
Figure 2, items 5, 11, 20, and 23.
a. Caged nuts may be replaced by bending
tabs (A) on either side open and replacing
Caged nut
caged nuts.
Unsafe welding practices can cause serious injury from fire,
explosions, or harmful agents. Allow only authorized personnel to
weld or cut metals. Follow safety precautions in TC 9-237. Protective
clothing and goggles must be worn, adequate protective equipment
used, a suitable fire extinguisher kept nearby, and requirements of
TC 9-237 strictly followed.
b. If caged nut tabs (A) are damaged, caged
nuts may be chiseled loose and a new
caged nut spot welded in place.
3. Replace weld nut (Figure 1, item 2).
a. If weld nuts are damaged they may be
chiseled or ground loose and a new weld
Hexagon Weld Nut
nut welded in place. Note that weld nuts
may be hexagon or square shaped.
Square Weld Nut
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