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TM 9-2815-220-24
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REMOVAL (Continued)
2. Check breaking torque of all cylinder (1) base nuts (2).
a. Using torque wrench (3) (item 127, WP 0176) and cylinder base nut wrench (4)
(item 4, 5, or 32 WP 0176), check breaking torque of each cylinder base nut (2).
b. When torque required to break a base nut loose is less than 70 foot-pounds (95 Nm),
remove nut, apply lubricating oil (item 21, WP 0173) to stud (5), install nut and tighten to
a torque of 70-72 foot-pounds (95-97 Nm).
c. When base nut does not tighten to the required torque, stud is stretching and must be
replaced. Mark stud for replacement. Go to WP 0028, Standard Maintenance Instructions,
when ready to replace stretched studs.
3. After checking the breaking torque, remove all base nuts except one on each side of cylinder
mounting flange. The remaining two base nuts on each cylinder are removed after piston has
been positioned for cylinder removal.
WP 0133 00-3


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