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If your crankshaft is the solid crankpin type, skip the rest of this page
and go to Cleaning.
Early model crankshafts (part number 8682734) had hollow
crankpins (connecting rod journals). The early model crankshafts
have become obsolete and are replaced with the newer type (part
number 12544249) which has solid crankpins. If your engine has the
old style crankshaft, and it is in serviceable condition, it may be used.
The crankshafts are directly interchangeable; no special treatment is
required when exchanging them.
All crankpin retaining plugs are removed the same way, only one is
1. Remove retaining plug (22).
a. Remove cotter pin (23). Discard cotter pin.
b. Remove slotted nut (24).
c. Remove screw (25) securing retaining plugs (22) in crankshaft connecting rod journal.
d. Remove two retaining plugs (22) from crankshaft connecting rod journal.
24 23
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