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TM 9-2815-220-24
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1. Remove minor imperfections.
a. Polishing with crocus cloth (item 9, WP 0173) wetted in cleaning compound (item 8,
WP 0173) may repair minor imperfections in crankshaft journals.
b. Replace crankshafts that are deeply scratched, nicked, burred, scuffed, or galled.
Do not remove dowel pins from ends of crankshaft unless inspection
indicates replacement is necessary.
Dowel pins in flywheel flange end are secured with setscrews in early
model crankshafts. It is not necessary to use setscrew when replacing
Dowel pins are available in 0.005 and 0.010 inch oversize for the
flywheel end flange. When oversize dowel pins are used, ream flange
and mating parts (flywheel and transmission drive gear shaft) to
necessary oversize dimension and install oversized pin in crankshaft
2. Replace dowel pins (16, 26).
a. Replace dowel pins that do not fit securely, are bent, or out of round.
b. Replace dowel pins that do not meet measurement specifications in inspection section of
this work package.
WP 0139 00-14


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