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TM 9-2815-220-24
0139 00
The crankshaft may be installed with all 12 connecting rods in place
on the crankshaft. See Work Package 0143 for connecting rod
installation instructions.
If the crankshaft is going to be installed with the rods in place, make
sure 12 crankcase protectors are installed to protect the crankcase.
Main bearing halves (used or new) must be inspected according to
WP 0138 (Crankshaft Main Bearing Inspection) prior to installation.
1. Install main bearing halves (21) after completing Work Package 0138.
a. Install upper main bearing halves (21) in accordance with their respective location marks.
b. Make sure the main thrust bearing half goes in number 4 main journal.
c. Coat upper main bearing halves (21) with lubricant (item 21, WP 0173).
21 (seven places)
WP 0139 00-16


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