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TM 9-2815-220-24
0149 00
1. Visually inspect camshaft (6).
a. Look for cracks with a magnifying glass (item 73, WP 0176) and a strong light. Pay
particular attention to areas around camshaft lobes (A). Replace cracked camshafts.
b. Inspect camshaft lobes (A) and camshaft journals (B, C) for wear, scuffing and scoring.
Replace camshaft when lobes or bearing surfaces are badly worn, scuffed or scored. Mark
light scuffing or scoring for repair.
c. Inspect camshaft for stripped or damaged threads in tapped holes (D). Replace camshaft if
any stripped threads are found. Mark damaged threads for repair.
C (7 places)
A (12 places)
2. Measure camshaft (6).
a. Using micrometer (item 17, WP 0176), measure outside diameter of large journal (B).
b. Measure outside diameter of seven smaller journals (C).
c. Check camshaft (6) journals (B, C) for out-of-roundness with a dial indicator (full
indicator reading with V-block directly under journal).
d. Reject any camshaft that does not meet the limits specified in the following table.
Sizes and Fits of New Parts: inches (mm)
Wear Limits
B (Large journal diameter)
2.4965 (63.4111)
2.4975 (63.4365)
2.4960 (63.3984)
C (Small journal diameters)
1.3090 (33.2486)
1.3100 (33.274)
1.3085 (33.2359)
B, C (Journal roundness)
0.0010 (0.0254)
0.0020 (0.0508)
C (7 places)
WP 0149 00-2


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