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TM 9-2815-220-24
Disassembly, Cleaning, Inspection, Repair, and Assembly
Mandatory Replacement Parts:
Depth micrometer set (item 48, WP 0176)
Ball bearing (item 246, WP 0175)
General mechanic's tool kit (item 121, WP 0176)
Ball bearing (2) (item 291.1, WP 0175)
Inside micrometer caliper set (item 16, WP 0176)
Key washer (item 26, WP 0175)
Machine reamer set (item 92, WP 0176)
Self-locking nut (14) (item 33, WP 0175)
Outside micrometer caliper set
Self-locking nut (item 219, WP 0175)
(item 17, WP 0176)
Spring (item 287.1, WP 0175)
Socket wrench (item 107, WP 0176)
Spring (item 346.1, WP 0175)
Socket wrench adapter (item 3, WP 0176)
Expendable and Durable Items:
Spring tester (item 117, WP 0176)
Lubriplate (item 23, WP 0173)
Telescoping gauge set (item 54, WP 0176)
Lock wire (item 44, WP 0173)
Torque wrench, 0-300 inch-pounds
Personnel Requirements:
(item 124, WP 0176)
Track Vehicle Repairer (1) 63H10
Torque wrench, 0-175 foot-pounds
(item 127, WP 0176)
Equipment Conditions:
Fabricated Item:
Engine on maintenance stand (WP 0130)
Modified socket (item 12, WP 0177)
Oil pump removed (WP 0153)
There are two oil pump assemblies in use and they are interchangeable. The major difference
is the drive gears: on the newer model (12468945) the spur gear to cluster gear ratio provides a
higher operating speed of the pump. This higher speed increases oil flow capability. If you
have the older pump (11683982), it is acceptable for use, but is not supported in the RPSTL
nor in the repair manual. You can identify which pump you have by counting teeth (A) on the
smaller gear circle of the cluster gear. The high-speed pump has 26 teeth and the older low-
speed pump has 24.
Oil Pump
Cluster Gear
Captive Screw
WP 0154 00-1


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