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TM 9-2815-225-34&P Section III.  REPAIR 3-32. GENERAL a.    This section provides repair for the engine and all major components and subassemblies.  The procedures are for the engine removed from the vehicle. b.    In  cases  where  it  may  be  necessary  or  more  time-efficient  to  repair  the  engine  while  installed  in  vehicle,  follow  applicable portions of tasks contained in this section to remove part or component. c.    In task summary listed below, a complete list of special tools, test equipment, materials, parts, and related information required to perform engine repair is provided.  To find a specific engine repair procedure contained in this section, see list of tasks below. 3-33. TASK SUMMARY INITIAL SETUP: APPLICABLE MODELS Connecting rod locating mandrel (15434) ST-563 All Piston ring groove gauge (15434) ST-560 Rocker lever block and mandrel set (15434) ST-691 SPECIAL TOOLS Spacer mandrel (15434) ST-1157 Camshaft bushing driver kit (15434) 3376633 Air Fuel Control (AFC) pressure valve fixture Liner driver (15434) ST-1229 (15434) 3376011 Cylinder liner clamp (15434) ST-1184 Puller (15434) 3376663 Gauge block (15434) 3376220 Solenoid valve wrench (75018) 011494 Cylinder block Air compressor mounting plate (15434) ST-749 Counterbore tool (15434) 3375455 Ball joint vise (15434) ST-302 Camshaft bushing driver (15434) 3376637 Coupling half puller (15434) 337663 Head holding fixture (15434) ST-583 Air compressor bushing mandrel (15434) ST-1105 Valve spring compressor (15434) ST-448 Injector stand (15434) ST-1298 Fuel passage cleaning brush (15434) ST-876 Injector cup wrench (15434) ST-995 Valve seat extractor (15434) S1-P27 Crowfoot wrench (15434) ST-107 Valve seat insert tool (15434) ST-257 Injector adapter pot (15434) 3375086 Valve seat insert cutter (15434) ST-662 Plug (15434) ST-669-14 Valve guide arbor (15434) ST-663 Plunger extension (15434) ST-1089 Valve seat insert staking tool pilot (15434) Plunger bore plug assembly (15434) ST-668-5012 ST-1124 Test stand link (15434) ST-790-362 Valve seat insert staking tool driver (15434) Master injector (15434) ST-1262 ST-1122 Conversion kit (15434) ST-1261 Dowel pin extractor (15434) ST-1134 Top stop injector setting fixture (15434) 3375160 Crosshead guide spacer (15343) ST-633 Fuel pump mounting plate (15434) 3375133 Valve guide driver (15434) 3375252 Pressurizing valve driver (15434) 3375959 Injector sleeve puller (15434) ST-1244 Front cover and main shaft assembly tool kit Bead cutting tool (15434) ST-788 (15434) 3375175 Injector seat cutting tool (15434) ST-824 Oil seal assembly tool (15434) ST-419 Injector sleeve driver (15434) ST-1227 Plunger protrusion checking tool (15434) ST-1241 Injector sleeve holding tool (15434) ST-1179 AFC barrel puller (15434) 3375599 Injector sleeve expander (15434) ST-880 Ream fixture (15434) ST-490 Injector seat cutter (15434) ST-884 Lock-cup driver (15434) 3376136 Valve spring tester (15434) 3375182 Fuel pump idle adjusting tool (15434) 3375981 Expansion plug drivers (3/4-in.) (15434) AFC fuel pump adjusting tool kit (15434) 3375189 3375190 Throttle lever travel template (15434) 3375855 Expansion plug driver (1-in.) (15434) 3375191 Bearing disassembly fixture (15434) ST-1114 Expansion plug driver (1-1/4 in.) (15434) Seal wear sleeve mandrel (15434) ST-1159 3375192 Water pump bearing mandrel (15434) ST-658 Valve vacuum tester (15434) ST-1257-A Oil seal driver(15434) ST-1191 Connecting rod bushing driver (15434) ST-1242 Puller (15434) 3375257 Connecting rod checking fixture (15434) ST- Oil seal pilot(15434) 3375180 561 Water pump seal mandrel (15434) 3376091 3-78


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