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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-33. TASK SUMMARY (Contd) List of Tasks (Contd) TASK PROCEDURES TASK TROUBLESHOOTING PARA. REF. REF. NO. (PARA.) 20. Fuel Injector Testing; Test No. 1 3-53 2-8 a.  Cup to Plunger Seal Test 3-53a b.  Check Ball Leakage Test 3-53b 21. Fuel Injector Testing; Test No. 2 3-54 2-8 a.  Setting Up Spray Pattern Tester 3-54a b.  Spray Pattern Test 3-54b 22. Fuel Injector Testing; Test No. 3 3-55 2-8 a.  Setting Up Test Stand 3-55a b.  Setting Up Injector on Test Stand 3-55b c.  Testing Check Ball Seating 3-55c d.  Adjusting and Measuring Fuel Delivery 3-55d e.  Top-stop Injector Adjustment 3-55e 23. Fuel Pump Repair 3-56 2-8 a.  Cleaning 3-56a b.  Inspection 3-56b 24. Solenoid Valve Repair 3-57 2-8 a.  Removal 3-57a b.  Disassembly 3-57b c.  Cleaning 3-57c d.  Inspection 3-57d e.  Assembly 3-57e f.  Installation 3-57f 25. Fuel Damper and Head Repair 3-58 2-8 a.  Removal 3-58a b.  Disassembly 3-58b c.  Cleaning 3-58c d.  Inspection 3-58d e.  Assembly 3-58e f.  Installation 3-58f 26. Fuel Gear Pump Repair 3-59 2-8 a.  Removal 3-59a b.  Disassembly 3-59b c.  Cleaning 3-59c d.  Inspection 3-59d e.  Assembly 3-59e f.  Installation 3-59f 3-83


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