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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-33. TASK SUMMARY (Contd) List of Tasks (Contd) TASK PROCEDURES TASK TROUBLESHOOTING PARA. REF. REF. NO. (PARA.) 27.   Fuel Pump Governor Spring Repair 3-60 2-8 a.  Removal 3-60a b.  Cleaning 3-60b c.  Inspection 3-60c d.  Installation 3-60d 28.   Fuel Pump Front Cover and Governor Repair 3-61 2-8 a.  Removal 3-61a b.  Disassembly 3-61b c.  Cleaning 3-61c d.  Inspection 3-61d e.  Assembly 3-61e f.  Installation 3-61f 29.   Fuel Pump Main Housing Repair 3-62 2-8 a.  Disassembly 3-62a b.  Cleaning 3-62b c.  Inspection and Repair 3-62c d.  Assembly 3-62d 30.   Fuel Pump Testing and Calibration 3-63 2-8 a.  Calibration Data 3-63a b.  Fuel Pump Nameplate Data 3-63b c.  Mounting Fuel Pump to Test Stand 3-63c d.  Fuel Pump Run-in 3-63d e.  Fuel Pump Vacuum and Seal Test 3-63e f.  Fuel Pump Vacuum Adjustment 3-63f g.  Governor Cut-off rpm Check 3-63g h.  Throttle Leakage Check 3-63h i.  Throttle Lever Travel Adjustment 3-63i j.  Fuel Pump Idle Speed Check 3-63j k.  Fuel Pump Main Pressure Adjustment 3-63k l.  Calibration Check Points 3-63l m.  AFC Plunger Setting Procedures 3-63m n.  No-Air Screw Adjustment 3-63n o.  Removing Fuel Pump from Test Stand 3-63o 31.   Water Pump Repair 3-64 2-8 a.  Disassembly 3-64a b.  Cleaning 3-64b c.  Inspection 3-64c d.  Assembly 3-64d 3-84


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