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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-34.  ENGINE BLOCK REPAIR (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS c.  Inspection and Repair CAUTION Cylinder sleeves do not require honing or deglazing to provide proper ring seating.  To minimize damage, liner deglazing and honing are not recommended. 8.   Six cylinder sleeves (2) Inspect for the following: Refer to Appendix F for wear limits. a.  Check for cracks under top Cracks can be checked by using flange, at bottom of liner, and magnetic method or by using above grooves of preformed crack detector dye.  Discard if packings (4) and (5), and gasket cracked. (3). b.  Check for excessive corrosion Discard if pits are deeper than or erosion and pits. 1/16 in. (1.6 mm). c.  Check underside of top flange Discard if surface cannot be made for dents, pitting, or worn surfaces. smooth by lapping with medium grit emery cloth. d.  Check diameter of inside bore Discard if inside diameter is at several places. greater than 5.505 in. (139.827 mm).  Use a suitable dial bore gauge. NOTE Piston cooling nozzles and water header covers were removed in para. 3-13. 9.   Six piston cooling Inspect for cracks, chips, or Discard if cracked, chipped, or nozzles (9) distortion. distorted. 10.     Two water header covers Inspect for cracks, excessive Discard if cracked, corroded, (12) corrosion, or distortion. or distorted. 11.     Five plugs (7), four plugs Inspect threads for damage. Discard if damaged. (26), two plugs (29), and five plugs (30) 12.     No. 7 bearing cap (19) Inspect two rear main bearing- Replace rear main bearing-to- to-block pins (16) for damage. block pins (16) if damaged. Remove by pulling out with grip- ping pliers.  Install by tapping in. 13.     Bearing cap (19), and Measure width of each and Discard if width exceeds 0.004 in. three bearing caps (20) and compare measurement with (0.1016 mm). (21) corresponding bearing support area of engine block (14). 14.     Fourteen screws (18) Inspect for stretched or damaged Discard if stretched or threads. damaged. 3-90


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