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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-34.  ENGINE BLOCK REPAIR (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS c.  Inspection and Repair (Contd) 18.     Bearing cap (19), Install on engine block (14) and Ensure bearing caps (19), (20), three bearing caps (20) and tighten as follows: and (21) are in their correct (21), fourteen washers (17), location and position. and screws (18) a.  Tighten fourteen screws (18) to 85 lb-ft (115 Nm) in sequence shown.  Then tighten each screw (18) to 250-260 lb-ft (339-353 Nrn). b.  Loosen fourteen screws (18) three to five threads or a minimum of three complete turns. c.  Repeat step 18a. 19.     Bores of installed bearing Install bore alignment checking Use bore alignment checking bar caps (19), (20), and (21) of bar.  Measure bore diameter of (ST-1157).  For greater accuracy, engine block (14) each at three different locations. place engine block (14) on end before measuring bore diameter. Minimum bore is 4.7485 in. (120.6119 mm); maximum is 4.7505 in. (120.6627 mm).  Discard if maximum is exceeded. CAUTION Never use reamer in place of a check bar.  Damage to cylinder block will result. 20.     Bore alignment of installed a.  Install suitable bore alignment Bore alignment checking bar bearing caps (19), (20), and checking bar.  Inspect for burrs (ST-1157) should turn freely. (21) of engine block (14) or slight binding. Remove burrs with emery cloth. If a slight bind exists, perform step b. b.  If necessary, remove 0.0002- If alignment cannot be obtained, 0.003 in. (0.0051-0.076 mm) of refer to step 21 and ream bore stock from bottom milled surface of installed bearing caps (19), of the main bearing caps which (20), and (21). are out of alignment.  Remove stock by lapping or surface grinding. 3-94


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