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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-34.  ENGINE BLOCK REPAIR (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS c.  Inspection and Repair (Contd) NOTE Omit this step if replacement caps are being used. Reaming of bearing cap bore requires bearing caps be installed and tightened to specifications. 21.     Bearing cap bore of engine Use suitable reamer; ream as block (14) follows: a.  Position reamer bar on engine block (14) so rear of bar is piloted in two good bearing cap bores. b.  Lubricate reamer with OE/HDO 10 lubricating oil. c.  Use hand driver to turn reamer. d.  Run reamer through all seven bearing cap bores without backing up or reversing. e.  Check bearing cap bore with Clean block thoroughly after checking bar and measure reaming. diameter with dial indicator. 22.     No. 7 bearing sleeve (22), Inspect for the following: four camshaft bushings (23), a.  Chips, scoring, or scratches. Replace if scratched, scored, or and two camshaft bushings chipped.  Proceed to step 23 for (24) removal. b.  Spun or turned within bore of If camshaft bushings have turned, engine block (14). oil passages will not be aligned. Remove and discard any camshaft bushing that has spun or turned. Proceed to step 23 for removal. c.  Using inside micrometer Refer to Appendix F for wear or dial bore gauge, measure limits.  Mark each camshaft each inside diameter. bushing for replacement if not within wear limits.  Proceed to step 23 for removal. 3-96


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