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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-34.  ENGINE BLOCK REPAIR (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS c.  Inspection and Repair (Contd) 23.     No. 7 bearing sleeve (22),   Remove from engine block (14). Use camshaft bushing driver kit four camshaft bushings (23), (3376633).  Discard after removal. or two camshaft bushings (24) NOTE Before installation of bearing sleeve and camshaft bushing(s), inspect camshaft bushing bore of cylinder block. 24.     Camshaft bushing bore in   Inspect for the following: Refer to Appendix F for wear engine block (14) limits. a.  Check for burrs or nicks. Remove with medium-grit emery cloth. b.  Check for concentricity of    Use suitable measuring device. camshaft bushing bore. c.  Open and clean oil passages.   Clean with suitable brush. 25.     No. 7 bearing sleeve (22),   Install on camshaft bushing four camshaft bushings (23), bore of engine block (14) as or two camshaft bushings    follows: (24) a.  Ensure oil passages are open in camshaft bushing bore. b.  Ensure there are no burrs in camshaft bushing bore of engine block (14). c.  Install with oil holes aligned Use camshaft bushing driver kit to holes in camshaft bushing (3376633).  Apply a light coat of bores. OE/HDO 10 lubricating oil to inside diameter of No. 7 bearing sleeve (22), camshaft bushing (23) or (24) after installation. d.  The alignment notch on No. 7 bearing sleeve (22) must align with oil drain opening in No. 7 camshaft bushing bore. 3-98


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