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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-35.  CYLINDER HEAD AND VALVE REPAIR (Contd) c.  Inspection and Repair (Contd) 18. Two injector (4)  Turn large nut clockwise on sleeves (7) (Contd) puller (47) and remove injector sleeve (7) from cylinder head (9). (5)  Remove injector sleeve (7) Loosen nuts.  Tap small end of from injector sleeve puller (47). injector sleeve (7) to free from puller (47).  Discard injector sleeve (7). (6)  Remove injector preformed Discard preformed packing (6). packing (6) from injector sleeve bore of cylinder head (9). (7) Remove all foreign material Use suitable steel brush.  Refer from injector sleeve sealing area to para. 3-6 for additional with steel brush. cleaning instructions. (8) Inspect injector sleeve seat area of cylinder head (9) for any possible damage incurred during removal. NOTE Perform step 18d, tasks 9 through 18, only if injector sleeve seat area is damaged or bead is not smooth. (9)  Install bead cutting tool (48), Use bead cutting tool (ST-788) pilot (49), and holder (50) on drill (48).  If drill press is not available, press. bead cutting tool (48) may also be turned by hand using tap wrench. (10)  Place cylinder head (9) on Adjust table height to allow for drill press table. proper clearance so that end of bead cutter (48) will protrude below cylinder head (9) surface into pilot hole of injector sleeve (7) seat area. 3-130


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