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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-35.  CYLINDER HEAD AND VALVE REPAIR (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS c.  Inspection and Repair (Contd) 18. Two injector (19)  Apply a light coat of Shake off excess oil. sleeves (7) (Contd) lubricating oil to new injector preformed packing (6). (20)  Install injector preformed packing (6) on groove of injector sleeve bore of cylinder head (9). (21)  Using driver (52), push Use injector sleeve driver injector sleeve (7) into injector (ST-1227) (52).  Install injector sleeve bore until firmly seated. sleeve (7) by striking driver (52). (22)  Remove driver (52). (23)  Install holding tool (53) on Use injector sleeve holding tool injector sleeve (7). (ST-1179) (53).  Tighten nut on holding tool (53) to 35-40 lb-ft (48-54 Nm). (24)  Insert driver (52) in injector Tighten nut on holding tool (53) sleeve (7), and strike with soft- again to 35-40 lb-ft (48-54 Nm). nose hammer until injector sleeve (7) is seated properly against bottom of injector sleeve bore. (25)  Remove driver (52). CAUTION   To avoid distorting injector sleeve, do not roll lower area of sleeve.   Over-rolling or peening injector sleeve will deform injector O-ring groove of sleeve. (26)  Install expander (54) on Use injector sleeve expander injector sleeve (7). (ST-880) (54). (27)  Tighten expander (54) to 75 lb-in. (102 Nm). (28)  Remove expander (54) and holding tool (53) from injector sleeve (7). e.  Cut injector seat as follows: NOTE Ensure injector assembly is new or is known to be satisfactory prior to checking protrusion of tip. (1)  Install injector assembly Tighten screws (45) alternately (43) on injector sleeve (7) with in 48 lb-in. (5 Nm) increments injector clamp (44) and two to 120-144 lb-in. (14-16 Nm). screws (45). 3-134


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