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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-35.  CYLINDER HEAD AND VALVE REPAIR (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS d.  Assembly and Testing (Contd) NOTE Step 26 does not apply to No. 2 cylinder head. 26. Cover plate (25) and two a.  Install on cylinder head (9). new preformed packings (24) b.  Secure with two screws (26). 27. Four intake valves (13) and a.  Dip valve stems into clean exhaust valves (14) lubricating oil. b.  Install valves (13) or (14) on Ensure cylinder head is clean valve stem guides (18) from bottom and valves are installed in their side of cylinder head (9). original locations as numbered in step 7.  Ensure valve heads are fully seated on valve inserts (12) and (15). 28. Cylinder head (9) Place on wooden bench or Wooden bench or protective protective surface with machined surface will prevent damage to surface down. machined surface. NOTE A  maximum  of  two  0.031  in.  (0.794  mm)  spacers  may  be  used  under  lower  valve  spring guide when cylinder head has been resurfaced and valve seat has been reground.  Do not use spacers to compensate for weak springs. 29. Eight upper valve spring a.  Place over valve stem guides guides (3), valve springs (18) on cylinder head (9). springs (4), and lower valve spring guides (5) (spacers b.  Compress valve springs (4) Use valve spring compressor (33) if necessary) and install sixteen new valve (ST-448) (32) and head holding collets (2) on stems of valves (13) fixture (ST-583).  Stud of valve and (14). spring compressor (32) should be installed on rocker lever screw hole (31). NOTE Ensure valves and valve seats are clean and dry. 30. Cylinder head Check seal between valve (13) or Use valve vacuum tester assembly (1) (14) and valve seat as follows: (ST-1257-A) (58). a.  Select correct size vacuum cup for size of valve being tested. b.  Put vacuum cup over head O-ring on vacuum cup must of valve (13) or (14). make seal on cylinder head (9) around valve (13) or (14).  Grease can be applied to O-ring for a bet- ter seal. 3-144


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