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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-35.  CYLINDER HEAD AND VALVE REPAIR (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS d.  Assembly and Testing (Contd) 30.  Cylinder head c.  Turn hand shutoff valve to assembly (1) (Contd) open position and hold down push button to operate valve vacuum tester (58). d.  Operate vacuum tester (58) Close hand shutoff valve and until vacuum gauge indicates release push button to stop between 18 and 25 in. of vacuum pump. vacuum. e.  Record vacuum drop to 1.  Start timing as soon as gauge determine satisfactory valve hand reaches 18 in. of vacuum. sealing. 2.  Stop timing when gauge hand reaches 8 in. of vacuum. 3.  If time is less than 10 seconds, valve seating is unsatisfactory. Perform step 30f if valve seating is unsatisfactory. f.  Tap stem end of valve (13) or Lapping valves is permissible, if (14) with soft-nose mallet and necessary, to create an air-tight repeat vacuum test. seal. g.  Check for leaking connections Clean if necessary. in valve vacuum tester (58). h.  Check for leaks between valve 1.  Apply a coat of grease to out- insert (12) or (15) and valve insert side diameter of insert to make a center bore in cylinder head (9). greade seal between insert and counterbore. 2.  Vacuum test (refer to step 30d) and inspect grease seal. 3.  If there is a break in grease seal, remove valve (13) or (14).  Stake valve seat with valve seat insert staking tool (36) and driver (37). 31. Two adjusting screws (30) Install on exhaust valve and nuts (29) crossheads (28). 32. Two adjusting screws (20) Install on intake valve and nuts (21) crossheads (22). 33. Two exhaust valve Install on valve crosshead crossheads (28) and guides (8) on cylinder head (9). intake valve crossheads (22) NOTE Step 34 is for M915/Big Cam I vehicles only. 34. Plugpipes Install all cylinder head pipe plugs and tighten to specifications shown below. PIPE PLUG SIZE MINIMUM MAXIMUM INCH (MM) LB-FT (Nm) LB-FT (Nm) 3/8 9.525 35 47 45 61 1/2 12.70 60 81 70 95 3/4 19 65 88 75 102 1 25 135 183 145 197 FOLLOW-ON TASK:  Install cylinder head assembly (para. 3-71). 3-146


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