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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-37.  CRANKSHAFT REPAIR (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS a.  Cleaning (Contd) NOTE If  inspection  or  installation  of  crankshaft  will  be  performed  later,  coat  all  journal  surfaces with a heavy film of OE/HDO 30 lubricating oil to prevent rust from forming. 2.   Standard main bearing set Clean with SD-3 solvent and (1), seven retaining rings blow dry. (5), four thrust rings (3), and two thrust ring pins (4) b.  Inspection NOTE Main bearings are provisioned as a set.  If one main bearing half is not within specifications or is found to be defective, discard entire main bearing set. 3.  Standard main bearing Inspect each main bearing There are 14 main bearing set (1) half for the following: halves to a standard main bearing set (1); inspect each half a.  Pits, scratches, or grooves. Discard if pitted, scratched, or grooved. CAUTION Never  remove  any  metal  from  bearing  shells  to  change  oil  clearance.    After  operation,  a bearing shell that is fitted correctly will be gray.  Light areas on shell indicate that metal is touching   metal   without   enough   oil   clearance.      Dark   areas   on   shell   indicate   that   the clearance is too large. NOTE Wear limits for undersized bearing halves may be determined by adding the correct amount (0.010  in.  (0.254  mm),  0.020  in.  (0.508  mm),  and  0.030  in.  (0.762  mm)  to  the  minimum  and maximum dimension of a standard bearing. b.  Thickness of main bearing Use a micrometer that has a halves. ball point.  Minimum thickness is 0.123 in. (3.124 mm), maximum thickness is 0.1238 in. (3.144 mm), and wear limit is 0.1215 in. (3.0861 mm). 4.  Four thrust rings (3) Measure thickness of each thrust Prior to taking measurements, ring (3) at different locations. place crankshaft (2) on cylinder block with corresponding bearing halves and caps installed.  A new crankshaft (2) and new thrust ring (3) will have an end clearance of 0.007-0.017 in. (0.179-0.432 mm). If the clearance exceeds 0.022 in. (0.559 mm), install oversize thrust rings (3). 5.  Two thrust ring pins (4) Inspect for damage or wear.   Discard if damaged or worn. 3-152


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