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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-38.   FLEXPLATE OR FLYWHEEL, FLYWHEEL HOUSING, AND REAR COVER REPAIR (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS b.  Inspection (Contd) a.  Distortion. Discard if distorted. 3.   Flexdisk and ring b.  Cracks in capscrew Use (ST-1166) magnetic gear (7) (Contd) mounting area. crack detector.  Discard if cracked. c.  Inspect for distortion, cracks, Use magnetic crack detector and cracked or chipped gear teeth.   (ST-1166).  Discard if distorted, cracked, or gear teeth are dam- aged. 4.   Flywheel housing (3) Inspect for the following: a.  Cracks.   Discard if cracked. b.  Mating surfaces are clean and free from damage. c.  Damaged or distorted Repair stripped threads with threads. suitable thread chaser or thread inserts. 5.   Flywheel index hole Inspect for distortion or Discard if cracked or distorted. cover (2) cracks. 6.   Two dowels (9) Inspect for damaged surface or Discard if damaged or distorted. damaged threads. 7.   Rear cover (1) (M915/Big Inspect for the following: Cam I) or cover (1) (M915A1/Big Cam III) a.  Cracks in mounting area. Discard if cracked. b.  Damage or cracks in sur- Discard if damaged or cracked. face area of rear cover gasket and area of rear main seal. c.  Worn holes in area of Discard if worn. two dowels (9). 8.   All mounting hardware Inspect for stretched or Discard if damaged. damaged threads. FOLLOW-ON TASK: Install flexplate or flywheel, flywheel housing, and rear cover (para. 3-80). 3-172


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