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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-39.  PISTON, CONNECTING ROD, AND BEARING REPAIR (Contd) LOCATION/ITEM ACTION REMARKS a.  Disassembly (Contd) fingers. NOTE Prior to performing steps 3 and 4, clean and inspect rod bushing and connecting rod dowels (steps 6, 16, and 18).  Do not remove rod bushing or connecting rod dowels unless they are damaged or not within wear limits. 3.   Rod bushing (9) Using connecting rod bushing New bushing requires boring out driver (ST-1242) (11), remove from of inside diameter. connecting rod (5). 4.   Two connecting rod Pull out of connecting rod cap (7). dowels (6) b.  Cleaning CAUTION Do not exceed water boiling point 212°F (100°C) when heating piston during cleaning. Piston skirt is coated with plating that may blister if overheated. 5.   Piston (1) Clean.   Use solvent-cleaning bath that will not attack aluminum, or blast suitable material that will embed in or remove material from piston (1).  Refer to para. 3-6 for addition- al cleaning instructions. 6.   Piston pin (2), two Clean. Refer to para. 3-6 for cleaning retaining rings (3), information and instructions. connecting rod assembly (4), Do not remove dowels from and two rod bearing connecting rod cap or rod bushing halves (10) from connecting rod during cleaning. c.  Inspection 7.   Piston (1) and Check for cracks, breaks, Discard if damaged. piston pin (2) scoring, galling, and scratches. Small scratches may be removed with crocus cloth. 8.   Piston (1) a.  Inspect all ring grooves for Discard if damaged. missing sections, breaks, cracks, distortion, and galling. NOTE There are two ways to check piston ring grooves.  If using piston ring groove gauge ST-560, perform step 8b.  If piston ring groove gauge ST-560 is not available, perform step 8c. b.  Using No. 2 piston ring groove Ensure ring grooves are clean. gauge (12), check top and second Discard piston (1) if shoulder's ring grooves. widest part of guide touches it. c.  Hold segment of new piston Ensure ring grooves are clean. ring (13) in ring groove, and Discard piston (1) if gauge enters insert 0.006 in. (0.15 mm) feeler groove force or disengaging ring. 3-176


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